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Passing: A California Suite

by Cathlene Pineda

"Passing: A California Suite" was inspired by the poetry of Los Angeles' first poet-laureate, Eloise Klein-Healy. Each piece is based off of a poem with a similar title, and the overall theme of the entire suite is inspired by "Passing," a poem about the ephemeral beauty of life and the roots that grow deep and outlast generations. The music reflects this in it's heart-wrenching melodies, churning rhythms, and lush textures. It is a deeply emotional journey through the awe-inspiring state of California. 


Cathlene Pineda, piano and compositions

Kris Tiner, trumpet

Dave Tranchina, bass

Paul Kikuchi, drums

John Baffa, recording and mixing

Nate Wood, mastering


album to be released January 26, 2016



Passing by Eloise Klein-Healy

These are the days that must happen

to you, Mr. Whitman says.

And the nights passing in succession 

like images on film--

old movie star moon

filling up each frame then going into hiding

People don't live long enough

to see the end

of their experiments. 

At 24 frames a second it's soon over--

fireflies in the meadow.

games of children flickering in the park.


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